About Us

Simple Monthly IT Support

A skilled passionate team, dedicated to providing premium IT Support Services.

We operate in the Christchurch area providing remote and in-person support for PC and Technical support. We are a team that is passionate about IT and making it more accessible to everyone. We understand that everyone learns at their own pace and we keep the jargon to a minimum. We can come to you wherever you may be in the area.

We value you as a customer as we are here to help people in the best way that we can. And that way is PC support. Click on the links here if you want to learn more about our Services or Pricing.

We’re proud to be an UpstreamNZ approved supplier

We’re committed to strengthening the well-being of children and young people in NZ. We give contributions to Good Causes for all sales referred through UpstreamNZ.

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Fixmypc.co.nz operates as WCSTech for Woermann Contracting Solutions Ltd.