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Training & Education

Want to learn something new? We can help coach you through trying out new apps or devices.


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We pride ourselves on providing a quality service that you are proud and are confident to use. We are here to help people first.

We can help is many situations.

Here are just some of the things we can help with.

Our services can cover a large range of issues and situations, even if you don’t see it here give us a call and we can talk it through.


Slow Performance?

If your computer is feeling slow and not performing as well as you would expect, we can do a comprehensive review of your devices performance and give professional recommendations based on the results.

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Printers Not Behaving?

It can be frustrating trying to solve complicated issues when this dont act as we expect. We can help diagnose and fix all sorts of PC and printer related issues.

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Just want to read your Emails?

Sometimes we just want it to work, and when it doesn’t that causes an issue. We can help setup, migrate and fix issues with your email whoever your provider may be.

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Need a new PC?

Sometimes we just want a something new. But it can often be daunting to decide what to get. We can help you decide what best fits you needs from a new laptop or a custom built machine.

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We may work with machines but its the people that come first. Here is where some of our satisfied and loyal customers can share their experience.

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Remote Device Management

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With our monthly package receive our remote device manager that gets you quick hassle free remote support and piece of mind with our selection of performance monitors.

Let us take the frustration away.

Have piece of mind knowing there is someone around to help when your devices behave irrationally.

Get help anywhere in the world*.

(*With an internet connection) We can help remotely in seconds using our Remote Device Manager with no need to install or update new software.

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